Life After Lockdown

Life After Lockdown

After several weeks of lockdown, the novelty of being housebound may well be starting to take its toll. The dream of life after lockdown will become a reality soon enough and we just need to be patient and stay safe until then. I am not sure if life will ever be the same as it was a couple of months ago, but life has to move on and the chance to experience freedom again is insight!

Whilst that is a thought that spurs us on, I’ve been comfort eating carbs for the past few weeks… the thought of freedom again terrifies me as I need to kickstart Keto again! I’ve read more books than occasions I have washed my hair and I’ve possibly not been as strict as I should be about my daily skincare routine. As a single parent, trips out for pampering sessions are distant memories now, but that doesn’t stop me dreaming about what I could do!

My Ideal Life After Lockdown Pamper Treats

Life after lockdown

Visiting A Spa

A trip to the Spa with a friend is the first thing on my list. A much needed rest, relaxation and pamper session with a good friend is the perfect way to unwind and have a much needed catch up! It has been hard not seeing good friends whilst being couped up, video calls are great to stay in touch, but there is nothing quite like having a brew and gossip in person. It maybe difficult to arrange free time once normality resumes, but it is an incentive to look forward to!

a trip to the dentist

A Trip To The Dentist

Whilst not high on the pamper list, a trip to the dentist is an absolute must! Having missed our regular 6 month check up due to the lockdown, booking in is a necessity. I will no doubt be told off for eating a few too many sweet treats recently, I just won’t tell the dentist it was totally worth it! Teeth whitening has always been something I’ve wanted to do, with Vallance Dental Care in Manchester popping up on my radar. Maybe now is the time to actually treat myself to some pearly whites after years of coffee abuse – it can be seen as a pamper treatment!

After lockdown haircut

A Trip to The Hairdressers

This goes without saying! Anyone else starting to resemble ‘Cousin It’ at the moment? My hair has taken on a life of its own since I decided to simply tie it back and leave it alone. Less stress from using shampoo and the hairdyer has seen my hair become thicker… and longer. To the point even I am crying out for a quick trim, not something I do freely after year’s spent waiting for my hair to grow! What better way to have a refresh once freedom reigns, than a trip to the hairdressers!

Pizza after lockdown

A Trip To Croma

Before lockdown, Liv and I found out we had won a Champagne Dinner for 2 at Croma Pizzeria and it would be the perfect treat to celebrate our free time. In reality it will be a Diet Coke fuelled lunch feast, but it would be an awesome Mum and Daughter treat out after being house bound together for weeks on end! Plus, who hasn’t been craving pizza during lockdown? If you are Manchester based and fancy an Italian food treat, check out our Croma Pizzeria review and get ready to make reservations!

What have you got planned for when lockdown is lifted? It’s great to have an incentive or two to look forward to!

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