Lifestyle: Revive Your Living Room for Autumn

As the nights are slowly getting darker and you can notice the mornings getting crisper than they were a few weeks ago, it’s clear that the beginning of Autumn is now upon us! If you’re digging out your fluffy jumpers, parka jackets and shopping for a new pair of winter boots already, you are already turning your mind to how the weather changes our lives and alters our way of living. If this is the case, then why stop at your clothes?! Your house is where you spend the most time in the colder portion of the year, so why not decorate your house to reflect this too? Retailers are wise to this now, and every season you will find a range of items in the shops reflective of the months approaching, whether it be summer or Christmas time! As you will spend so many cosy nights in your living room this winter, read on for some inspiration on how to revive your living room into an autumnal haven this year.

Revive Your Living Room for Autumn

Colour is everything whatever the season, and it can really set the tone of the room you’re in without you even realising it. Whilst altering the walls of your living room to suit one time of the year may sound drastic, you don’t have to totally reinvent the colour scheme of the walls in order to do this. You can paint or wallpaper a feature wall, decorate with simple stencils, or just work the colour into the space in other ways. Decide on the colour scheme you’d like to go for before doing anything, and then you can incorporate this in with accessories or soft furnishings. Some colours have more of an autumnal vibe about them than others, and you might want to consider working with these for your autumnal living room – these include teal, burnt orange, burgundy and plum. These colours are all warm shades that will add depth and character to the room.

Autumnal decorating is all about making things cosy, and this doesn’t just have to be achieved with colour or decorations. Your furniture can play an important role in creating the overall vibe of the room. Consider the material of the furniture you’re incorporating into the space and try to work in warmer toned materials such as oak, beech and pine. Wood will be the best over other materials for autumn as this is homely and creates a warm feel to the room. Items such as an oak TV unit or a pine bookcase will look charming against a burnt orange wall and offset the colour nicely. As you need this room to be cosy, you will need sofas and chairs in neutral tones that will complement the colour scheme you’ve worked into the room. These will be a focal point of the room so you need to ensure they’re plush and comfortable!

Revive Your Living Room for Autumn

Accessories will be everything to making this look work, and will be the main feature of the room if you’re not changing larger parts of the room such as the paintwork or furniture. Invest in your soft furnishings first that will complement the colour such as cosy throws and cushions to give it a homely feel. Think about the artwork you want on the wall and theme it to the autumn vibe that you’re going for. It doesn’t have to be particularly expensive or lavish, but pictures and posters will enliven the room. This also goes for a mirror, as this will add depth and light to the room – hang one over the mantelpiece (if you have one) to create a sense of space. Finally, add the finishing touches such as ornaments, decorations and most importantly – candles! Evoke all sorts of memories as you choose different scents that remind you of the outdoors, autumnal food, or even log fires for the ultimate cosy feel.

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