Looking For The Obligatory Christmas Jumper

You know it’s almost Christmas when the rain is beating down at your window, the heating is cranked up to full blast, the Manchester Christmas Markets open and you are already fed up of seeing Christmas cards, chocolate and wrapping paper in the supermarket.

One day a year takes 3 months to prepare for, still, it has to be one of my favourite times of the year as I can justifiably be a giddy kipper!

This Christmas will be slightly different as my mini me will be celebrating with her Father… This means that I will be totally childfree over the festive period… what am I going to do with my time though?

Well, pull up a chair and I will tell you!

My brand new, fluffy, bunny eared onesie is all ready and waiting for me… clearly I will not be wearing it out and about, that would be a tad weird, however I shall be chilling on the couch with my bestie. We plan on watching Netflix and having series marathons, eating cheese and lots of it and drinking the entire Aldi alcohol aisle dry… try the Alska cider, you will not be disappointed.

Though, can it really be Christmas without the obligatory Christmas jumper? I really do feel the need to invest in one this year, so that I can happily sit there on Christmas Day, eating cheese!


There are so many available at the moment, with all different designs and different levels of fluffyness. However a couple of the Woolovers Christmas Jumpers have really caught my eye, like this Fair Isle Jumper Dress made from Lambswool… I can only imagine how soft and cosy it is! It is perfect for Christmas without being over the top, thus I can actually wear it out, maybe with jeans or leggings without turning bright red. Walking down the street wearing a penguin jumper would not do anything for my street cred, no matter how cute penguins are! So, I think I shall definitely be adding this to my Christmas wish list… along with the usual hot man popping out of a stocking! 😉

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