Milestones for Kids: What Should They Be Doing By When?

Milestones for Kids: What Should They Be Doing By When?

All children are different and they will grow at different rates. But generally, there are some accepted timelines or milestones of things that children should be able to do by a certain age. This can vary of course, but some milestones like telling the time or being able to swim are important skills of life. And in the case of the latter, could save their life. So here are some milestones for children that should be ticked off, if they are able, before they become teenagers.

Milestones for Kids: What Should They Be Doing By When?

Milestones for kids

Learning to Swim

Learning to swim is something that keeps children active, so it can be a good hobby to have anyway. However, it can be a real lifesaving thing. From vacations to summer family BBQs, children can be around pools and water a lot. If they can’t swim, don’t know how to tread water, or they are scared of water, then it can be so dangerous for them. Learning to swim is a life skill, so finding a swim school near me can be a good idea if your children aren’t already learning how to swim. Some swim schools take babies, but generally, for most lessons by themselves, starting from age three of four is a good idea. How they learn is up to you, but as long as they can swim a certain distance by themselves, and keep afloat, that is a must.

Telling the time

Telling the time is a really useful thing to do. And although we can rely on digital devices, having an understanding of time is important and how to tell what time it is on a proper clock. This can also help with math, as it is counting in fives and also to do with fractions (half past the hour, and so on). This isn’t something that is generally taught at school, so it should be taught in the home. From around the age of six can be a good time to start teaching children how to tell the time, but by seven or eight is a good time to make sure that it is done. 

Riding a bike

A bit like learning how to drive later in life, riding a bike is a bit of a rite of passage. It just has to be done, right? It is best to teach children to ride a bike sooner rather than later, as they can start to feel more fear the older that they get. A balance bike when they are toddlers is a good idea, with it moving on to a bigger bike when they are four or five. A balance bike helps them to learn the balance, as the name describes, and then they will have that down, it just comes down to learning how to use the pedals.

Tying shoelaces

Learning how to tie shoelaces is something that is really important, as again, it is a skill that they will use throughout their life. Children’s shoes can be quite simple and have different fastenings, but you’ll be pushed to find a pair of adult sneakers that are velcro fastening, rather than shoelaces. So learning how to do them up is a must! From the age of seven is usually a good place to start, though some children can manage when they are younger. If they have good hand-eye coordination and dexterity, then it will really help.

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