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Personalised Gifts Are Perfect Presents For Adults

by MM

The influx of children’s parties has begun again and buying presents for children seems to be a weekly occurrence. Buying for Mini Me is quite easy, she happens to be the biggest Shopkins fan ever and if all else fails, teddy bears are always a fail safe option.

Teenagers are still easy to buy for… or not, because what does a teen favour more than money? Erm, money! No stress required over purchasing the perfect gift… instead teens can buy whatever they wish.

The problem arises when buying presents for adults – especially with so many special birthdays… generally the birthdays ending in a zero!

When questioned on what gifts they would like to receive, adults, especially parents who tend to answer with ‘Don’t waste your money/ There is nothing I need at the moment/ Don’t worry about getting me anything’.


This is not helpful in anyway shape or form, considering if you do not put thought into a present to be opened, it will be remembered forever!

With my Father’s special birthday later on this year, the pressure is on slightly to find a present that he does not already have, that is memorable, personal to him and will be used.

I find that personalised gifts are a great idea for adults – a present that is thoughtful and personal, all rolled into one!

As a fan of a tipple of Whiskey every now and then, I came across the Just Miniatures site that offer personalised miniature alcoholic beverages. A super cute idea that can actually be used for many occasions, not just birthdays. Imagine receiving a bottle of your favourite drink with a picture of yourself and personalised message to celebrate your special occasion!

I still have time to ponder and search for the perfect gifts, but by finding the personalised miniatures, I have made a good start already!

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