Popping My Archie’s Milkshake Bar Cherry

As far as Friday night’s go, even I have got to the point where I cannot predict anything any more. I tend to state ‘You could not make this shizzle up’ more often than not when I go out on dates… and seriously it is true! I should really start penning my tell all book before I forget everything that has happened… a best seller in the making!

Alas, as always I digress… back to Friday night.

Never, I repeat never decide to go to the Trafford Centre on a Friday night. It is hideous, simply hideous and if like me, you hate having to locate a parking space… this is your worst nightmare come true!

After several non-alcoholic drinks (don’t drink and drive peeps!), it was decided that we should go for a cruise into Manchester… this seems very normal, until you realise you are sitting in a very nice Merc, one owned by a footballer – unfortunately the footballer wasn’t present, though considering he is in mid-twenties, it was possibly a good thing! Jail bait is not my bag!

So where did we head off to?

Archie’s of course!

How was I totally unaware of the hidden gem that is Archie’s Milkshake and Burger joint in Manchester? Located opposite the Ritz in Manchester, deep down in student central, I popped my Archie’s cherry on Friday night in spectacular style.


With an American feel to the shake bar, everything is pink, very pink… which I can imagine was very shocking for all the stoned students who frequented Archie’s at 11pm this particular Friday night.

Faced with a seemingly endless list of possible shakes, it was a true dilemma as to what to choose. With a transparent casing unit filled to the brim with every chocolate bar you could imagine… including Millions… who didn’t love those fruity balls of bliss as a child? There was too much chocolate for my mind to take in.


I finally plumped for ‘The Billionaire’s Shake’ – Ferrero Rocher, Banana, Whipped Cream and I am sure there was something else in there but for the life of me I cannot recall. It did not matter that as it was simply the most delicious milkshake I have ever tasted. *I have since been informed that I did not have banana in mine, as that is what I asked for… thanks for that Mr. Purple! 😉

Just a shame the moment was slightly spoiled by a heaving teenager and his mate inhaling from a balloon, but hey, it’s Manchester on a Friday night! One sip of the shake and I was back in utter blissful awareness again, zooming back to the Trafford Centre with my rear end being heated by the wondrous heated seats… like I said, as far as Friday nights go… it was pretty average, with the exception of my chauffeur for the evening! 🙂

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