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Preparing For A Road Trip Around Europe

by MM
road trip around Europe

Have you started considering holidays for 2018 yet? January is the best month to sit down and plan out your trips for the year, whether around the UK, Europe or beyond.

Staying in a hotel is always a wonderful option, especially when the cooking and cleaning is someone else’s responsibility. however you may be looking for a holiday with a difference…

Camping has so many great advantages to staying in a hotel, mainly for the fact you can tour around of your own accord and pitch in new destinations, but mainly for the fact that as you take your own car, you can take your own home comforts.

If a road trip around Europe is a consideration, here are some tips on how to prepare for your trip…

Road trip around Europe

Ensure your car is trip ready

It’s best to have your car serviced before embarking on such a long trip to ensure everything is running smoothly. Ensure tyre pressures are correct and replace if necessary, especially as you will be putting them through their paces. You can easily have them professionally checked and also buy new tyres from Kwik Fit.

Check the road laws

From April 1st 2017, French cities including Paris, Lyon, Lille and Grenoble became low emission zones and vehicles will need to have an Air Quality Certificate displayed in the form of a sticker. You can easily purchase this online here for the cost of €3.70 plus postage. If you do not have this displayed then you can be fined!

Whilst driving in France, it is also compulsory to carry a kit including: a warning triangle, hi-viz jackets and a breathalyzer. The French do like to give on the spot fines, so just ensure you are totally clued up on the driving regulations, with further information regarding driving in France available on the AA site.

road trip around Europe

Invest in European break down cover

Breakdown cover is an absolute must when taking a road trip in Europe to give you peace of mind. If your current cover already includes travelling in Europe then it is wise to familiarise yourself with exactly what is covered. If not, then simply add the dates for the duration of your trip to ensure your vehicle is covered.

Pack your home comforts

Don’t forget to pack your home comforts, it’s always handy to have bottled water in your vehicle too! More importantly, take in all the beautiful European sights and enjoy your road trip!

Written in collaboration with the #RoadTripsOfEurope campaign.


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