Preparing For The Big Spring Clean

With Spring attempting to make a much needed appearance, it is time to prepare yourself for the big Spring clean! It’s time to bust open the windows and let the fresh air circulate around your home! National Spring Cleaning week runs between the 5th and 11th March and what better time to get started!

Here are some handy tips on how to get started with a spring clean…

Big Spring Clean

De-clutter your home

Expect to visit the tip several times, or even invest in a skip in order to completely overhaul your home. It’s a great time to get rid of items you possibly have not made use of in the last twelve months and create space. By creating space, your home will instantly feel brighter, with rooms feeling larger. De-cluttering will not only make you feel better about your home, it will also make you feel better. There are so many positive impacts from a spring clean.

Tidy your wardrobe

If you have clothes that you have not worn in a while, a spring clean is the perfect excuse either sell them on Ebay or donate them to charity. By tidying your wardrobe you may even find clothes you have forgotten about and finally put away the Winter woollies!

Big spring clean

Put your gardening gloves on

Not only is Spring the perfect time to clean your house, but also your garden! Tidying up leaves and dead-heading plants will allow new plant life to reveal itself. Time is coming to prepare for the first mow of the year and the first of many. To make life easier, fake grass illuminates the need for mowing and is much easier to maintain all year round.

Keep your finances up to date

With the end of the tax year on the 5th April, it’s a good time to spring clean your finances. It will help you budget for the next year and hopefully allow you to put money away for a nice, family summer holiday to enjoy lots of sun!

Check out National Spring Cleaning Week, for more tips on where to start.

Big Spring Clean


  1. Jenny says:

    Being in the Southern Hemisphere we’ve just hit autumn but I definitely need to do a big clean again. Where does all the stuff come from??

  2. Rachel says:

    I love a good spring clean! I gut my cupboards, wardrobes and anything else that needs a good sorting out! However I’m not a keen gardener so I leave that to the kids and hubby 🙂

  3. Emma says:

    I love a good spring clear out. We do big clear outs throughout the year and sell items we no longer need and then put that money towards our travels.

  4. Alex says:

    Great spring cleaning tips! There’s one thing that overwhelms me a lot in Spring – dog hair tumbling all around.

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