Purchasing and Maintenance Tips for Tyres in Manchester

Purchasing and Maintenance Tips for Tyres in Manchester

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There are plenty of places to buy tyres in the Greater Manchester area, but not all of them are as reputable as you might think. Some sell old tyres or inferior products which may seem like a bargain but rarely turnout to be. Therefore, one of the best things that you can do is to shop around and go for a tyre dealership such as National.co.uk which stocks the leading brands, such as Yokohama, Nankang, Michelin, Firestone and Sonar. Of course, obtaining the best price for a good pair of tyres is essential, but what else do Mancunians need to look out for?

Part Worn Tyres

There is nothing illegal or wrongful about the trading of part worn tyres. Indeed, in some areas of Greater Manchester the trade in second hand tyres is thriving. However, buying a pair of used to fit to your motorbike or car is never really advisable and could best be described as a false economy. If you can afford to, always purchase brand new tyres which will last the longest, such as those from Halfords. Especially if you drive for a living, like multi drop delivery drivers or taxi owners, purchasing new and maintaining your tyres makes the most economic sense.

Reserve Your Chosen Tyres

When shopping around, it is always a top tip to go online and search for the sort of tyres you want. This means that you can compare stock levels as well as pricing before driving to the chosen location. Once found, reserve your tyres to save you a wasted trip in case they are sold before you arrive. A network of tyre dealers with national coverage is Point S – they are able to offer economies of scale as well as providing a nearby service.

Inspect Regularly

Some of Manchester’s streets have seen better days and we all have to work hard behind the wheel to avoid the numerous potholes that are around. All tyres take a pounding in the city, so make sure you inspect them for cracks and bulges from time to time. Mis-shapen tyres are just as dangerous to drive on as ones which have worn down tread. They can blow out easily if you need to brake hard or hit a kerb. If you are unsure whether your tyres are road legal or not, then it is probably time to change them or at least take them to a professional to look at for you.

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