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Review: Did We Manage To Save The Lost Carnival?

by MM
The Lost Carnival

What a way to kick start the May Bank Holiday weekend and half term, when The Lost Carnival made its way to Burrs Country Park in Bury.

The Lost Carnival proved to be the immersive, spectacular experience that invited you to step into a world unlike any other, and so it really did.

The Lost Carnival

Words cannot convey how awesome it was and how much, as a family, we enjoyed it!

The Lost Carnival

There was so much to see and do, all weird and wonderful things to mystify the senses. To see the looks on children’s faces was amazing and even now Liv chants the very catchy mantra, that needed to be sung at certain spots around the carnival, on the hour, to save the Lost Carnival from being lost forever.

The Lost Carnival

Did we manage to succeed?

Of course we did! The spectacular Lost Carnival was saved forever!

Every character was totally immersed in their role, likeable and totally enchanting. The costumes were stunning, alongside the makeup – I really do need the number of the makeup artist! Everything gelled together perfectly and all I have heard from other people who attended was how fantastic the carnival was and how much they hope it will return next year!

The Lost Carnival

The Baghdaddies were a great highlight to the festival and my absolute favourite. On Twitter, I described the music as such, ‘With cheeky tones, reminiscent of Madness/The Specials and an almost Cuban beat…’ though I really don’t think any comparison could do them justice. I did in essence just really love their music. It made you feel happy, energetic and really did make you want to dance. They were the perfect fit for the Lost Carnival and totally in character too!

The Lost Carnival

Our allotted time was 5:30pm, with the main spectacle at 9pm. Unfortunately we did not manage  to stick it out to the end, maybe next time (I demand now that The Lost Carnival return next year!) a few more acts to see and partake with/in would be great.

The Lost Carnival

The food stalls were fantastic with the children opting for hotdogs (£4 each) and the adults devouring Chicken and Chorizo paella (£6 per portion). The food was tasty and portions were generous and was a wonderful treat to welcome in the holidays.

The amount of time and effort that went into the Lost Carnival was phenomenal and it was lovely to walk through from one field to the next and still be amazed by acrobats and displays. Every space had been utilised to the fullest and adults were just as amazed as children.

The Lost Carnival

A huge thanks to Casper the Clown who was amazing with all the children in attendance, the children gelled with him immediately and were keen to follow him all around.

The story behind the Lost Carnival is very endearing and the way in which curiosity was stoked beforehand lead to a great reveal when the Carnival finally arrived.

A huge congratulations to everyone involved with the Lost Carnival. We all loved it, we helped you save it and we want to see you again!

The Lost Carnival

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