Review: Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester

Situated in the opulent looking Barton Square in the Trafford Centre complex is a very yellow building, so yellow in fact, that if you had a hangover you would definitely need sunglasses. It can only mean one thing right? Yes, it’s the Legoland Discovery Centre!


A favourite place to visit for myself and my daughter as she can run around like crazy and I can sit in blissful peace. It’s also somewhere I can let my inner big kid come out to play and sit and build Lego masterpieces!

We were very fortunate to visit on Mother’s Day, it was lovely to spend some quality time with my mini me and have a girly day out, being silly and having fun. Well, that’s what Legoland is all about… having fun!

Joining the pre-booked tickets queue, it seemed everyone else had had the right idea… not only are the tickets a little cheaper if you do this on the Legoland Discovery Centre site, it also means there is less faffing. We went straight through and waited for the next tour to start – a great introduction where Professor Brick-a-Brak informs the tour group of how Lego bricks are made, it’s engaging and gets the children involved, before we are all let loose in the main area.

Next, you move onto the fun Kindgdom Quest laser ride. A ride for up to 5 people per cart, which travels round and lets you shoot at the bad guys, thus earning points. For the more competitive people, this is actually quite a fun ride with a picture that is taken almost 3/4’s of the way round… there is a sign giving you notice of the camera, so be prepared. My daughter did enjoy this ride, so we did venture on it again later in the day.


Next, you move through into MINILAND, filled with Lego statues resembling top attractions in the North West region. A slightly darkened room, so make sure you have the flash working on your camera (note to myself for future reference!). Blackpool Tower looks awesome and the detailing of the statutes was outstanding… everything seemed to tell a story. There is absolutely no way I could build anything as magnificent, I struggle building a house with Lego (as I proved)!

You then move into the main area with a cafe and seating, huge soft play area, 4D cinema, LEGO City; Forest Pursuit Driving School (a go kart ride) and Merlin’s Apprentice (a mechanical ride that lifts you up in the air as you spin round).


For me, I was happy to sit in the very cute (complete with pink, leather couch) LEGO Friends area, all very girly with a Karaoke stand too… not entirely sure children are aware of ‘Jimmy Cash – Ring Of Fire’, but all the children had fun mumbling along to the tunes available. My attempt at making a castle from pink, purple and pastel coloured bricks was feeble… making a magic wand on the other hand was very easy and I was impressed with my attempt.

The 4D cinema was quite fun and gave us a slight respite from the craziness out in the main area, the chairs were ridiculously comfy and I could quite happily have fallen asleep. There is something to occupy children of all ages (whether large or small) and with a soft area filled with very large, squidgy LEGO bricks, even babies and toddlers can be amused.

The site recommends 2-3 hours, we were there for 4 hours in total, so it really is a great place to while away most of the day.

The cafe is not ridiculously priced either. For a bottle of Coke it was £1.80 and for a full meal package for my daughter which included the choice of a muffin (ham/cheese etc), a piece of fruit, a rather large pack of crisps (think share bag) and a CapriSun it was £4.50. Much healthier and more filling that a Happy Meal for sure!

Trying to exit the building is a little confusing and that is exactly when you realise how large the building is and how maze like it appears! Definitely deceiving from the outside, as to how large it is on the inside. So much is packed into the building, including the shop that you absolutely have to walk through upon leaving. I cannot recall how many times I stated ‘NO’ to my daughter on the way out, but we managed it without adding more LEGO to our collection.

On the way out, you will also pass a room filled with fabulous LEGO Star Wars models… definitely one for fans to visit!

Lego Star Wars

It was a fantastic day and I have to say a very big thank you to Legoland for allowing us free entry for the day for the purpose of writing this post.


  1. Donna @ Little Lilypad Co says:

    Wow! That looks like a great day out! It always drives me nuts that there is no escape from the gift shop, so am super impressed at your “no” skills 🙂

    • MM says:

      It is a fantastic day out, I really was not intending to spend so long there but time simply flew away! The ‘no’ was accompanied with a tug and the threat of carrying out if needed! In all fairness though, I did have a quick look around too 🙂 x

    • MM says:

      Couldn’t agree more! I did love fitting it all together and choosing pretty pastel coloured pieces… it’s actually very theraputic! 😉

  2. Actually Mummy says:

    That is one scary hunk of LEGO! I love the LEGO models at the sites. Last year I tripped of the foot of a LEGO commuter reading a LEGO paper and actually said sorry to him!

    • MM says:

      It was a lovely Mother’s Day treat, just a shame about the company we took with us, but you can’t have everything I suppose 😛 #hindsight

  3. Chris at Thinly Spread says:

    Oh WOW! I wish I’d known about this when I was up in Manchester with my Lego mad 17yo visiting the Uni, we could’ve made a quick diversion and had the time of our lives!

    • MM says:

      It’s a great day out – easy to spend a couple of hours there and if you do want a change, the Sealife Centre is right next door!

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