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Review: Naanster Microwaveable Snacks

by MM

Well… Hello there Mr. Naanster… how are you tonight? *winks*

How about I raise the temperature in here slightly and warm you up a little? *hick, staggers, flails arms around widely whilst giggling like a school girl*

Now… I am not even crazier than normal, I am just thinking about the drunken conversation I could have with a Naanster curry snack, as I prepare to place it in the microwave to cook for 90 seconds… they are cheaper, more convenient and a damn sight tastier than a kebab as a late night snack treat… so why would I not reach for one of the pouches when returning home from a night out?


Available in 4 different Indian flavours… what is not to like, at anytime of the day? Vegetable Tikka (I didn’t get to try this flavour but Heather stated they were lush!), Balti Chicken, Beef Madras and Chicken Tikka.

For me, all curry styles I love and more importantly, that I enjoyed!

Who wouldn’t love curry wrapped in a naan bread? Such a quick and easy snack that you simply take out of your fridge and whack in the microwave for 90 seconds!

Perfect for the munchies at any time of day, the Naanster’s are packed full of delicious curry and rice that is full of flavour and very tummy filling. Using traditional methods, the naan breads are cooked fresh, the best cuts of meat are used and also a smidgen of mango chutney adds something extra along with the sauces that are made by hand.


Averaging around 400 calories per Naan (taking into consideration the whole range), there is something for meat lovers and vegetarians!

You would assume that these were quite messy to eat, it is the exact opposite and I defy anyone to leave even a grain of rice on their plate!

Even my daughter enjoyed these, but like her mummy, she does love a good curry! I will definitely be stocking up on Naanster’s in the future for the times when I simply cannot be bothered to cook!

Available from selected retailers, you can find out where to purchase the delicious snacks on the Naanster website.

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle September 29, 2014 - 2:56 pm

They look really tasty actually, and the more I think about it, the more I can’t imagine any reason why they aren’t delicious – lets face it, curry is the no.1 perfect reheat food!


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