Review: Peachy Keens Manchester All You Can Eat Restaurant

Review: Peachy Keens Manchester All You Can Eat Restaurant

I love food, especially food that is cooked for me. Such a novelty these days and it is a rare treat to eat out in a restaurant, so when a friend and myself were invited to put Peachy Keens, the latest buffet style restaurant in Manchester to the test, how could I refuse?!

Based in The Printworks in Manchester, Peachy Keens is an all you can eat, multi-cuisine restaurant with branches in Birmingham and Nottingham too. Having visited several all you can eat restaurants before, I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect.

I need not have been at all! Everything about Peachy Keens Manchester surpassed my expectations – the ambience, the food, cleanliness, the staff…we were really impressed and vowed to take the children with us next time!

Conveniently placed, the restaurant is very easy to find, just inside The Printworks on the left hand side as you walk in passed Next. The restaurant is up 3 flights of stairs, however no need to worry as there is a lift that you can use – we totally did!

Upon the lift doors opening we were greeted with an awesome Peachy Keens sign in the form of a London Underground station… we knew we had arrived!

Peachy Keens

Walking into the restaurant on the top floor, I was really taken aback by how airy it was and light, you could see everything. I do like to see my food and what I am choosing!

Peachy Keens Manchester

We were booked in for 12:30pm – 30 minutes after opening and were seated in a rather spacious booth – more space for several plates of food! I was glad to see that most of the stations were already open, offering freshly cooked noodles, teppanyaki, freshly baked naan… and whilst we were chomping away a gentleman was preparing the ‘Peri Peri Grill’ area for steak, corn on the cob etc by chopping up lots of onions and peppers. I did have to pull myself away from that section! I always love to watch the food being cooked in a live station and was impressed that you yourself could plate up exactly what you wanted in the Stir Fry area and simply pass it to the chef to cook.

Peachy Keens Manchester

The food range was plentiful and looked very appetizing, I could quite happily have eaten everything – however aware of my calorie intake for the day, managed to control myself very well!

Peachy Keens Manchester

Starters were the first port of call and with tempting bites such as chicken wings (my favourite!), ribs, samosa etc along with a very fresh salad bar, it was hard to remember this was only the starter, with the main and dessert to follow! It was nice to see Sushi available as a starter option too!

Peachy Keens Manchester

There were many curries to choose from, Chinese mains, freshly baked pizza, cooked sliced meat even a Lamb lasagne, with all the sides you could imagine – I plumped for the roast potatoes. Having a plate filled with the most random foods never fails to amuse me.

Peachy Keens Manchester

There were so many desserts to choose from, with miniature bite sized cakes to tempt you into having more than one… for me, I plumped for the Apple Crumble and custard and totally made the right decision – by far the best crumble I have had in a long time! I am so glad I saved room for dessert!

Peachy Keens Manchester


Peachy Keens Manchester

The food is well presented, covered if necessary and certainly well lit for you to inspect before making your choices. Plates were easily located and you simply helped yourself to a fresh plate when you wanted to visit the food bars again. We watched the restaurant get busier as time went on, however never felt that we had to queue for food nor wait for anything. The bar was to the far end of the seating area, with a good selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic and by the time we walked back to our booth with our starters, drinks were on the table.

Everything about the service was seamless, our plates had disappeared by the time we ventured back with new plates of food and clean cutlery was also available near the plate stations.

Children are well catered for in the restaurant and with the availability of a lift, buggies can easily make it into the spacious restaurant.

Peachy Keens Manchester

The prices are very reasonable indeed and for a midweek lunchtime, the all you can eat buffet is £7.95. I had personally gone without breakfast and did not feel like I needed dinner either, so the Peachy Keens visit had me motoring all day!

I can imagine the restaurant is busy at weekends, what with its location in the middle of Manchester city centre, it is very convenient. The food is very fresh and full of taste and flavour and is rather more-ish. With a large, bright and airy seating area and restaurant you do not feel overfaced or as if you are being rushed and the attentiveness of the staff was spot on, you hardly noticed them however they were very quick to come to you if you had any requirements.

As previously mentioned we have agreed to take the children back with us, for me, that is always a good sign. I know Liv would enjoy it and when a child price is half the adult price (under 3 year olds eat for free), how can you refuse a lovely family meal out in Manchester!

Many thanks to Peachy Keens for inviting us along to enjoy our lunch in their restaurant… see you again soon!

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  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    Oooh that looks lovely! We’ve only eaten like this once, as you can imagine it comes up expensive for 7 or 8, so it’s good to know what you are going to be spending so much money on, and this looks really fab. Like you say, really bright and clean, and the food looks lovely.

    1. MM

      You could in theory eat for a week… if you were happy to sit there for a couple of hours. Definitely worth a trip down there when you get the chance chick! x

  2. Mazino Oyolo kigho

    The resturant appears to be world class. I don’t really eat food outside though.

    1. MM

      It was wonderful! The best all you can eat buffet I have ever been to.

  3. Fatemah Sajwani

    Wow the food looks so yummy though I am assuming that the place would be super crowded seeing the big food booth.

    1. MM

      I assume it will be at the weekends, but for a mid-week lunch, on a Friday afternoon, it wasn’t too bad. Just people in who were on their lunch hour. Most people came in, ate and left. We were able to take our time which was fantastic.

  4. hannah gee

    I didnt even know this plave was on my doorstep. Wow thanks will definitely be popping in the next few weeks. The puddings look divine.
    Haa me too about the mix of food. A plate full lile that always reminds me of holidays and hotel buffets.

    1. MM

      It blows my mind, I totally take ages deciding what I want… forgetting I can just keep going back up. Honestly it is lovely, by far the nicest all you can eat buffet – it’s newly opened in the Printworks, definitely worth a visit!

  5. marty

    Well it looks delicous! A lot of the time buffer means low quality but it looks like this place makes sure that is not the case

    1. MM

      It was very high quality – I have been to several which are of local quality before but Peachy Keens was awesome and the food was delicious

  6. Kalliope

    Veryhelpful post!!!Love it!

    1. MM

      Ah glad you liked the post – the restaurant is a must visit!

  7. lee rosales

    here in Manila. Buffets are just everywhere. we all love to eat and try different cuisines. i never had fries and mojos in a buffet though. 😉 nice photos btw. i bet you enjoy your day therr

    1. MM

      We loved our time there – it was coupled with a couple of hours shopping in the city too! We have lots of different restaurants, bars, bistros, fast food outlets available, but sometimes you just want something different… Peachy Keens rocks!

  8. julianne caparos

    looks so delicious! not bad for the price, i think? compared here in the Philippines where the best tasting buffets are a bit expensive hehe.

    1. MM

      It was really reasonable during the week for a lunch time… especially for friends on a lunch out. Normally we would have paid that for a sandwich and salad – the fact we could keep going back was a bonus! 🙂

  9. Raymond Vasquez

    This is torture for me. Haha I won’t be allowed to just eat anything within a couple of weeks. HAha I will be on a fitness program I enrolled myself in. HAha But the pictures makes me look forward for Feast Day (some call it CHEAT Day!) haha Great place to dine. I’d love to visit this place.

    1. MM

      I am so sorry Raymond – the post should come with a warning! Good luck with your fitness program and keep us posted over at #WeightLossWednesday on Sim’s Life!

  10. Yvonne Bertoldo

    It’s my first time to see that kind of chocolate fountain. Cool 🙂 Every food I saw in your photos look so delicious. Oh no.. Can’t wait to eat at a buffet soon ^^

    1. MM

      Go and enjoy yourself! Chocolate fountains are cool… not good for my diet though! 🙁

  11. Franc Ramon

    This is a good deal for a buffet meal. It’s also nice that they have a large number of food to choose from and that you get to see Chef prepare the food live.

    1. MM

      It’s great when you see the food being cooked- love the idea of arranging your own stir fry to have it cooked for you!

  12. eliz frank

    I couldn’t take my eyes off the desserts; especially that chocolate fountain. Yummy!

    1. MM

      All the food was amazing, I could have quite happily spent all day in there eating! 🙂

  13. papaleng

    Never been to a restaurant like this. Seems a 5-star place. I agree, the foods sounds appetizing.

  14. Vanessa Ally

    Wow, Peachy Keens Manchester Restaurant looks like a cozy and pleasant place to chill out with friends, the food is of such a great variety and abundance, if I get the chance, I would definitely visit it myself.

    1. MM

      There is SO much food too choose from, it’s amazing… I could have quite happily eaten everything!! 🙂

  15. Ron Leyba

    This is probably one of the coolest restaurants I’ve seen online. The space is so cool! The ambiance really looks amazing and the foods, they all look tempting.

    1. MM

      It was tempting… and then delicious! The chain has really surprised me, a buffet I will definitely be returning to!

  16. Fernanda

    This place looks divine! I love how they display the food, and the decor is very attractive as well! I’m glad you had the opportunity!

    1. MM

      Thank you Fernanda, as am I, otherwise I would probably never have tried the restaurant. Absolutely loved it!

  17. Fred

    I hope I get to visit Manchester one day and get to feast on a buffet like this. Beautiful presentation, and your descriptions of the taste make it so much more inviting.

    1. MM

      Thank you so much Fred – you will not be disappointed… in the food, or Manchester!! 🙂

  18. Marie

    The place looks fantastic plus the food they served you looks really inviting too. Oh la la!

    1. MM

      It is a great little hidden gem! We will certainly be going back there again! 🙂

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