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Review: Red Hot World Buffet Manchester

by MM

Red Hot World Buffet Manchester ~ 48 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2EG ~ Tel: 0161 819 1240 – www.redhot-worldbuffet.com

Buffets… so tasty, yet so dangerous for those on a diet!

As part of the Red Hot World Buffet Tastemaster campaign, I was given the opportunity to enjoy a meal for two at their Manchester based restaurant. Having only eaten there on a very rushed summer evening, the night before Blog On, I cannot say I had really enjoyed my first experience. Though that was mainly down to everyone around a huge table and not having the opportunity to observe all the food available.


Plumping for a lunchtime slot (the restaurant opens at 12pm), I chose the rather lovely Heather to be my lunch date, which was thoroughly needed after a couple of hours pacing around all the shops Manchester has to offer. To say we worked up an appetite especially for the occasion was an understatement!

We arrived just in time, as workers and other shoppers streamed in to gorge themselves on as much food as humanly possible for £8.49. We were seated in a wonderful booth near the window on the first floor – it gave us plenty of room to spread out our bags and fully enjoy the experience. A gentleman came to introduce himself and even took us around all the different food areas, explaining the food on offer and making it a little easier for us to make our selection. A trip back to the table to order our drink – cocktails of course – and away we raced to go and collect our plates ready for the fill up!

The only place to start at a Buffet is at the starter section… away I went happily filling my plate with what I deem to be foods worthy of the ‘Starter’ title. As we were one of the first batch of people in, we found the food to be fresh, warm and plentiful. It is totally acceptable to have a quesadillas, chicken wings, onion bhaji, freshly cooked Naan bread and onion rings on one plate… right?


After a breather, drink and belly pat I found myself ready to pick up another clean plate and try my luck with a main course. I had heard such good things about the freshly cooked Teppanyaki and as I felt in the mood for noodles, went over to the stand to place my order. There were so many choices to be made, from what type of meat to include, to different types of noodles, vegetables and sauces. I chose well and was amazed at how easily it all came to the gentleman who made my rather delicious meal.


With added cocktails and alcohol, I was ridiculously full after all the yummy food and felt I simply could not do any of the desserts justice, which was a shame as the chocolate fountain looked amazing!

RHWB desserts

Basically Red Hot World Buffet is a food lover’s paradise! You can fill your plate(s) with as much food as humanly possible, from all corners of the world. Think pizza, noodles, curry, Chinese food, Italian, even roast beef! No-one will judge you on how high you fill your plate either – though weirdly we didn’t actually see anyone over filling their plate, there was no need to.

The staff were very helpful and plentiful, ensuring your 2 hour slot in the restaurant is as enjoyable as possible. Once a plate is cleared, it is simply removed, leaving you with more space to fill up. The cocktails, including the Signature cocktail is a definite must too!


Note, it does get hot in there, which is why I was grateful we have the first lunchtime sitting. I would suggest if you choose an evening slot, definitely book upstairs! Booking online is very easy and advisable, or you can book over the phone.

Overall my second experience of Red Hot World Buffet was very positive and enjoyable. I am extremely lucky to have a restaurant so close to where I live and will gladly nip in again soon for some lunchtime sustenance before I continue with a Manchester shopping trip!


Day Lunch Dinner
Mon – Thurs £8.49 £13.99
Friday £8.49 £14.99
Saturday £9.99 £14.99
Sunday £10.99 £13.99

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Heather @ Bury Family Life November 7, 2013 - 11:45 am

it was lovely food,wasn’t it? I could just go one of those cocktails now 🙂

MM November 7, 2013 - 8:07 pm

It was really good! I think we went at the right time and those cocktails were super yummy! 😛


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