Review: Pamper Products Your Bathroom Needs!

When a ‘Pamper box’ arrives on your doorstep then really who am I to refuse to put everything to the test! The box was filled with Nair hair removal products, a Denman Tangle Teaser brush for children and erm… Femfresh… I’ve not actually tried this product yet but I shall do my best to fill you in!

Getting ready, especially for a hot date can be really time consuming. Unless I have a particular reason to shave my legs then I am all about hairy legs keeping me warm in winter. I’ve been aware of hair removal creams for a while but never really tried them. Seriously, simply applying a cream, leaving your legs (or whatever body part you use the cream on) for 5 minutes and scraping away. Surely if it were that easy everyone would be doing it? I mentioned the review to a fellow blogger who stated she had tried a similar cream in the past and had not found it fully effective… already slightly downcast it was time to put Nair hair removal cream to the test. I plumped for the Brazilian Spa Clay cream and with Liv watching on in curiosity started to plaster my legs with the cream. After figuring out how much cream to use I quickly got in my stride and found the whole application process very straightforward.


With my legs basted it was a waiting game to see if the cream would take effect on my monstrously hairy legs. I left the cream on for 6 minutes and nervously used the spatula to scrap away at a small section of leg that I had applied cream to first. When I say scrape it doesn’t hurt in the slightest!

What did I find… well, quite literally nothing!! The section was hair free… so I carried on scraping the cream… any area that I found with a few stray hairs, I simply moved the cream from one spot to cover again the hairs for another minute and lone behold within 10 minutes I had hair free, smooth, luscious legs…ok maybe luscious is pushing it ever so slightly but blow me down with a feather, the Nair hair removal cream worked! The big beaming grin said it all… no more razor rash! I have used the creams several times since and will attempt to use the Sensitive cream under my arms.

How I have never tried this product before I shall never know… so simple, so quick, painless, no worrying about blunt razors… this is my ‘getting ready’ must have!


The Denman Tangle Teaser brush comes in two designs (Bumble Bee and Dophins) and my daughter was beside herself that she now has a Dophin inspired blue brush. Unfortunately my daughter has similar hair problems to me… our hair does become very knotty, very quickly. Albeit I am now fully aware of the pain involved with teasing out knots, my daughter isn’t a huge fan at all and would rather hide than have her hair brushed!

The brush works so well due to the bristles having different layers – so what the outer bristles may not be able to work on, the inner bristles get to work on knots very easily. The bristles may look a little spiky but actually they are quite soft and my daughter was in her element having her hair brushed.

In actual fact, I have been using the brush on my own hair as I find it kinder to my strands with less hair being ripped out of my scalp. Priced at £6.99 this is a really great stocking filler – the designs make the brush stand out and actually appeal to children – it also makes it easier for me to find the brush when rushing around in the mornings!


Femfresh for intimate hygiene… the wipes are a fantastic idea, in such small packaging they can easily be carried discreetly in your handbag. Perfect for reassuring you when on the go! The Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash has a very delicate fragrance of soothing and calming Aloe Vera. Normal shower gels and soaps can actually irritate your special parts so Femfresh helps cleanse the skin whilst maintaining a healthy ph-balance. With a handy pull up lid as opposed to a lid that opens in order to reduce spillages. Definitely products your bits will appreciate!

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