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Shopkins: Chef Club Movie Premiere

by MM

I did wonder if I had made the wrong decision by inviting 3 other children over during half term to enjoy the Shopkins: Chef Club film premiere with us, but little did I know what would happen…

The children were glued to the movie, the first ever in the Shopkins series and I had a whole 44 minutes of running time in peace! If you followed #ShopkinsChefClub on Twitter, you will have seen how engrossed everyone was with the film!


The film features  favourites in the  Shopkins range, who come to life and have adventures with their best friends the Shoppies, in the colourful world of Shopville. The Shopkins: Chef Club movie focuses on a new Shoppie in town, Peppa-Mint and her attempts to win over the friendship of the other Shoppies, Bubbleisha, Jessicake and Donatina with the help of their Shopkin friends. The film is really lovely, easy to follow and super colourful – it was no wonder all the children were transfixed by it!


Shopkins are incredibly popular all round the world, but more so in our house! I am fully aware which excited squeal means a new season of Shopkins has been released and also know that it will warrant a trip to the local toyshop!

Mini Me was beside herself when a very large box filled with Shopkins Season 6 goodies arrived to celebrate the premiere, to the point i have never heard squeals quite like it! Included in the box were decorations for the party and cake mixes to make Shopkins cakes and truly encompass the theme for the afternoon!


With a Premiere Party Pack available to download from here, which you can download for your own party, you can ensure everyone has their own themed invites, hats and popcorn holders .


The Shopkins: Chef Club Movie is now available to buy in DVD format from Amazon (current price of £9.99 Nov 2016) and can also be downloaded from here.

Here is our unboxing video…

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