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Simple Tips For Running A Bed & Breakfast

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running a bed & breakfast

Bed and breakfasts provide lodgings to many people across the country each night, and do so at very reasonable rates. More intimate than a hotel, less clinical than a corporation, they allow for homeowners to rent out there large property, to provide guests with a comfortable room for the night, decorated well. 

Of course, running a bed and breakfast requires all of the essential licenses and inspections, and it’s important to keep up with essential hygiene and fire safety requirements to keep your business ticking over well. That being said, as this may be a family-run place, it can sometimes be less easy to incorporate mandatory procedures as a business might. For this reason, it’s important to take the bull by the horns and do everything in your power to provide a consistent, safe, comfortable and welcoming experience.

Simple Tips For Running A Bed & Breakfast

The following guide will be a disparate assortment of excellent tips to help you run your bed and breakfast well, or to help you structure your planning if hoping to apply for those licenses. Please, consider the following:

Welcome The Guests Personally

The best part of a bed and breakfast, and often why people select it (aside from the more competitive rates on average), is that there’s a personal touch here. It’s in all the decorations you have chosen for yourself, or the small cat that lives in the living area, or the lovely dining room you have set up with beautiful small paintings. This means that in order to curate the best and most welcoming experience you can, greeting the guests personally can be a great use of your time.

Of course, you needn’t be on a first-name basis, invite them to dine with you, or even ask them what their reason for traveling is. Some people prefer privacy, and it’s possible to be a little too overbearing as you welcome them to your residence. That being said, a bed and breakfast can often benefit from a polite word, and a welcome greeting, and for them to know your first name and how to contact you at all times. A small mini-tour of the building can also be worthwhile, as it’s unlikely that your building will have the same corporate-friendly design that a hotel does.

running a bed & breakfast

All The Trimmings

Celebrate your bed and breakfast! There’s no reason for you to think that simply because you’re situated between two hotels you’re any lesser or should act humble in everything you do. Of course, some owners take it upon themselves to decorate every square inch of space with photo frames, antique furniture, and other clutter they have gathered over the course of many years. Not only can this look too busy, but it may also leave your place at enhanced risk of a fire.

Yet once you’ve de-cluttered and have tastefully decorated, including inside the rented rooms, you may decide to theme your establishment in the best way. For instance, embroidered bathrobes may be a complimentary gift for the visitors who take residence in your romantic or most expensive room, giving them a souvenir and beautiful, useful garment to wear on those mid-winter mornings.

You may also decide to use branded mugs or cups to serve your morning tea and coffee in, as well as towells that are carefully stitched to show your logo. Simple efforts like this can add character and charm to your business, and it will also ensure that people associate your presence with the best place to stay in said city or town. 

Provide Quality Breakfast

Of course, the clue is in the name ‘bed and breakfast,’ meaning that not only do you have to provide a worthwhile nights sleep in a comfortable room, but also a breakfast of champions, fueling the guest for the rest of their intensive day, be that oriented around further travel, business, or a social engagement. 

Of course, the first thing to get right is to ensure the guest’s dietary requirements are considered. While it might be a goal to provide a wonderful English fry-up in order to help your guests indulge, do you have vegan and vegetarian options for the increasing number of people who identify this way? A range of juices, water, great coffee and tea, high-quality cutlery and plates, a lazy and non-offensive morning jazz soundtrack to help people wake up with care, a morning paper provided for your guests, cereals, napkins, well-arranged tables in a spacious, private environment can all help you enjoy a fantastic morning breakfast, allowing your guests to feel safe, provided for, and always the top priority.

Essential Hygiene

Essential hygiene practices are crucial to keep in mind. You must ensure that essential cleaning services provide a top to bottom clean each and every night. You cannot have a bookshelf with books that haven’t been dusted for years as part of your decoration, nor can you allow for hair to be found in the bathroom between guest stays, nor should any of your bedclothes be stained or anything other than regularly dry cleaned or deeply washed.

One of the major and most common faults of bed and breakfasts compared to hotels is that hygiene is not always easy to keep on top of, especially if you’re running this yourself. However, it must be your absolute top priority, before you even dream of allowing a guest into their bedroom. It is the one thing that guests will look for, and rightfully so.

Name & Curate Your Rooms

It can be nice to ensure your rooms are known for their particular accommodations. For instance, the ‘royal suite’ maybe a beautiful bedroom with four-poster bed at the top of your building, while executive rooms may be a smaller, more modest setup arranged for business men and women hoping to travel with little in the way of special treatment. When you are able to curate your own rooms with their own personality, you can market them to the kind of clientele you hope to attract.

With this advice, we hope you can establish the best and simplest tips for running a bed and breakfast each year.

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