Soreen Orange Fruit Loaf… The Ideal Treat

Soreen for me, has always been a proper lunch time treat, something that has to be enjoyed with lashings of butter… nothing else will cut the grade, so never even attempt it with margarine!

I totally blame my mum, it was like a special little treat we would have ‘back in the day’… in fact I am not entirely sure my Dad ever got a piece when he got back from work… oh well!

The Soreen brand has certainly evolved in the last 20 years or so, give or taken*ahem* and the latest addition to an already flavoursome range is the Orange Fruit Loaf, bursting with zingy orange and juicy sultanas.

Soreen Orange Loaf

Soreen Orange Loaf

It actually does sound divine, however I learned my lesson a very long time ago to stay clear of orange flavoured products, so decided to test the loaf out on my daughter first. Surely if she gave the thumbs up then all is ok!

Mini Me took my completely by surprise and after her swimming lesson decided she would like some Soreen (with butter of course) as a treat. I have never seen food disappear as quickly! I didn’t know if she would be a fan, she can be somewhat fussy, however just like ‘Oliver’ she asked for more.


It was at this point I decided to bite the bullet and have a piece of my very own… from the very first bite I regretted not having some sooner. Very in-keeping with the original Soreen moist fruit loaf we all know and love, the Orange flavour added a zesty undertone that was very refreshing… even my plumber agreed!


We were very fortunate to be sent a lovely box filled with several loaves from the luscious Soreen range and will be chowing down on these as after school treats.

The Soreen range is low in Saturated Fat (less than 1.5%) and there are only 84 calories per 1/10th of the Orange loaf… that is without butter, but that doesn’t count, right?

Soreen is available in all good retailers and grocery stores.

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