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The Flying Scotsman In Action On The ELR 2016

by MM
The Flying Scotsman

There are times when my inner geek does pop out and surprise people, whether it be regarding technology or impressive feats of engineering.

Most recently I started becoming very excited and geek like over the fact The Flying Scotsman was due to run initial test runs and offer rides to the public on the East Lancashire Railway (ELR). It was running from my home town and this was certainly a momentous occasion not to be missed.

The Flying Scotsman has been lovingly cared for in the ELR sheds for the past 18 months of a 10 year restoration plan to see the world famous locomotive back in action. Famous for being the first locomotive to reach 100mph on the track, authenticated on 30th November 1934, enthusiasts from far and wide descended on Bury in January 2016 to catch a glimpse of the magnificent steam train.

Those who were lucky (and wise) enough to book tickets to enjoy a journey to Rawtenstall, pulled by The Flying Scotsman, were treated to an up-close and personal memory that shall stand the test of time. For all other bystanders, such as myself, we simply had to be content with finding the best possible vantage point along the ELR and poise our cameras ready to take the all important picture.

The Flying Scotsman

Enthusiasts gathering at Burrs Country Park to see The Flying Scotsman in action.

Social media was awash with pictures and videos of The Flying Scotsman in action – though I had to wait until the 2nd weekend of runs before I managed to take my own picture.

The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman in action on the ELR.

Alas, The Flying Scotsman was pulling backwards, so I did not have a chance to take ‘the legendary’ shot I hoped for, however an hour before snow fell on the ground, I managed to finally lay eyes on the locomotive from our vantage point at Burrs Country Park which has the most amazing clear views of the ELR track.

Currently in black livery, The Flying Scotsman is due to be painted in its more familiar British Railways green shortly.

Find out more about other ELR specials here.

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