The Lost Carnival: Time is Of The Essence: Burrs Country Park, May 2015

The Lost Carnival: Time is Of The Essence: Burrs Country Park, May 2015

The Lost Carnival


Burrs Country Park in Bury is set to be totally transformed into a mystical land when the Lost Carnival comes to town later this month.

From Friday May 22nd to Monday May 25th 2015 4-9pm each evening, The Lost Carnival will take over with performers, acrobats, musicians and much more.

Acts include: Lost In Translation Circus, Rum Buffalo, The Pendulum Wave Machine (which at night time will be a sight to behold), The Marie Celestial, The Baghdaddies to name just a few.

The Lost Carnival

The festival is aimed at families who want to enjoy something a little different over the May half term holidays and what a way to kick the holidays off in style!

Little is known as the Carnival has been shrouded in utter secrecy, with only little snippets of what we can expect from The Lost Carnival…

The content of the event will remain shrouded in mystery until the audience step inside the big top, but families can expect spellbinding theatre, circus, music and visual trickery. All that has been revealed so far is that an incredible carnival, the most enchanting carnival in the world, suddenly stopped touring in its heyday, under suspicious and mysterious circumstances. The carnival is coming back, but can the families of the North help it to ward off past dangers and bring it back to its former glory?


The Lost Carnival

Tickets can be purchased directly from The Lost Carnival website and are priced at £10 per person with under 3 years olds able to attend for free. The audience will enter on timed tickets, so make sure you book in advance to book a convenient time. Fingers crossed that the weather is kind, however as Burrs Country Park is fairly open, make sure you dress for the weather and take sturdy shoes also!

The Lost Carnival

Food and Drink will be available at The Lost Carnival including, Hoban and Sons Travelling Bar – a quirky converted ambulance named Agatha, serving alcoholic and no alcoholic beverages and food from Piggy Smalls – offering slow cooked pulled port and double smoked hot dogs to name a few of the stalls available.

So, will you be attending in order to help save The Lost Carnival?!

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  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    It looks ace and I was really hoping to go, but hopefully I will have had my op and won’t be able to attend 🙂

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