The Various Shades of Bingo

The Various Shades of Bingo

The Asians call it “Tombola”, players in Australia play “Housie”, while the Americans and players in the UK know it as “Bingo”. If you are a bingo lover, you have surely discovered the irresistible side about this game. Pinpointing just a single reason as to what makes bingo so vastly popular across the world would be quite impossible, as there are so many factors that makes bingo gain its worldwide popularity. For example, some players at the top online bingo site known as Bingo Extra prefer the popular 75 Ball Bingo because of its large possibility of different patterns, while other players on this mobile bingo site adore 90 Ball Bingo for its easiness, or others prefer 5 Line Bingo for greater chances of winning.

With online bingo games available online 24/7 at Bingo Extra in its various hosted bingo rooms, you don’t require stepping outside, since you can enjoy bingo right at your home, as technology has managed to bring bingo right to the comfort of your living room. Technology has also made it possible for you to enjoy the assorted variety of bingo games while being on the move, just by accessing Bingo Extra from your laptop, tablet or mobile from virtually anywhere. Moreover at Bingo Extra you can enjoy free bingo, as when you register on this site, you are awarded £10 Free.


75 Ball Bingo is considered as the most common variation of bingo that is known by everyone. Its vast range of patterns, which cater to all kinds of bingo players is partly responsible for its high popularity. You will note that each bingo card of a 75 Ball Bingo game has the same 25 individual squares consisting of 5 rows and 5 columns, and the central square is free, so it is already completed for you. For you to win, you require to successfully daub all the numbers which form a particular static pattern. At Bingo Extra you will discover an exciting collection of static bingo patterns ranging from classic 4 corners or coverall patterns to more complex patterns such as Checkers Board or Anchor.

If you are looking for bingo games that take comparatively longer time to play, then you may resort to the traditional 90 Ball Bingo, which is played on a grid of 3 rows and 9 columns, with 14 numbers per card. It takes more time to complete a session while playing this variation of bingo as it’s played with 90 numbers instead of 75. The only limitation of 90 Ball Bingo is its pattern possibilities, consisting of straight horizontal lines, and a full house. However, while playing a 90 Ball Bingo, you will come across multiple chances of winning a prize in a single round.

5 Line Bingo, also known as Swedish Bingo is the speediest variation of bingo that you may find. This fast paced game is played on a standard 5×5 bingo card, just like in 75 Ball Bingo, but there is no free square in the middle. This game is more like 90 Ball Bingo where you may try to make a single row to win the 1 line, and then you may try to make two rows and so on until all five rows are completed. Part of the appeal in playing a 5 Line Bingo game is the fact that the game doesn’t end until all numbers are covered on the bingo card.

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