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Three Camping-Themed Online Slots Games

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In recent years, online slots games have gained widespread popularity as a viable alternative to physical slots machines. The rising prominence of smartphones and tablets in the mainstream has certainly contributed to the current popularity of online slots games. After all, it’s a lot more accessible and convenient for slots enthusiasts to play a few rounds via their smartphones than to trudge along to the nearest casino. Online gaming research firm Gaming Business confirms that the entire online casino industry is projected to grow up to $7.1 billion by the end of 2014. 

Furthermore, online slots games have emerged as a surprisingly versatile platform for accommodating a wide variety of diverse themes. From car racing and golf to zombies and superheroes, the infusion of different themes to online slots games only makes the overall playing experience a lot more engaging and memorable. And apparently, even the relaxing pastime of camping has made its way to the realm of online slots games. Anyway, here are three of the more well-known camping-themed online slots games. 

Fire Flies 

One of the more immediately noticeable aspects of Fire Flies is its stunning visual design. A gorgeously rendered starry night background nicely complements many of the outdoor-themed reel symbols such as a pair of hiking boots, a flashlight, a bottle of bug repellent, a Swiss army utility knife, delicious smores, a camper’s guide, a fishing rod, a pesky racoon, and a big brown bear. Moreover, getting the camp fire symbol on both the first and fifth reels will activate the free spins feature, where players are rewarded with seven free spins. Fire Flies is a creation of CryptoLogic Limited, a Dublin-based online gaming pioneer which has provided games for the oldest online casino, intercasino in the past. 

The Royals: Go Camping 

Strangely enough, this particular online slots game was inspired by the premise of the British royal family going on a camping trip. Nevertheless, The Royals: Go Camping is chock-full of amusing outdoors and camping references. For instance, two beefeater guards (with animals resting on their bearskin hats) are holding up the reels, while all sorts of camping equipment can be seen in the background – a beat-up caravan, tents, and a happy corgi. The lower-value reel symbols – 10, J, Q, K and A – are embellished with camping accessories like a fishing bucket, a hunting backpack complete with a rifle, and a cast-iron pot on top of a bonfire. Of course, the game features caricatures of the entire British royal family – Queen, Prince Charles, Harry, William and Kate – that serve as higher-value reel symbols. 

Camper’s Cash 

With pine trees and the clear blue sky in the background, Camper’s Cash is definitely inspired by a traditional American camping holiday. Much like Fire Flies and The Royals: Go Camping, this game features a wide array of relevant camping-inspired reel symbols, including grizzly bears, deck chairs, camp fires, maps, tents, binoculars, elks, beer coolers, canoes, sleeping bags, and a compass. Additionally, the grizzly bear symbol acts as this game’s scatter symbol; landing three or more of them across the reels will initially trigger nine free spins. Likewise, landing five Happy Camper symbols on paylines 1 through 8 will reward players with 5,000 coins.  Collaborative post.

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