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Three Home Friendly Activities To Do With Friends

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Three Home Friendly Activities To Do With Friends

The coronavirus pandemic has made it much harder to hang out with your friends. The restrictions enforced at restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and sporting events make it tough to go out and have fun. Those restrictions are definitely justified, but that does not take away from the point that hanging with a big group of people has become harder than ever.

Three Home Friendly Activities To Do With Friends

But with social distancing being a helpful way to prevent you and your loved ones from contracting the virus, staying at home and having a good time with a few socially conscious friends could be a lot of fun. That does not mean you should throw a party, but a few friends should be fine if you follow the recommended guidelines.

So if you are comfortable opening the luxury security doors to your home, here are a few fun ideas to spend quality time with some quality people. 

Have a cookout

If possible, it is safest to have social gatherings outside. Obviously, this is weather dependent, but what can be better than sitting down in your backyard eating some good food and drinking a few beers with your friends? There is not much. 

And if you have room in your yard, grab some yard games! Cornhole is a classic, and horseshoes are great too. It isn’t like you have to go out and buy cornhole boards either. Playing catch with a football, kicking a soccer ball around, or tossing a frisbee could work as well. Add one of those activities to a cheeseburger and a beer and you are in for a day of fun.

Three Home Friendly Activities To Do With Friends

Watch some movies

This is a pretty broad suggestion, but who does not like a good movie with friends, and/or loved ones? Make some popcorn (oil popped is the best), take a seat on the couch, and throw something on. 

Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and all the other streaming services have plenty of options to choose from. Want to watch some scary movies? Netflix has Poltergeist and As Above So Below. 

You tickling for a comedy instead? Hulu has Superbad, The Interview, Knocked Up, and more. They also have plenty of comedy films that do not have Seth Rogen’s face in them. The list could truly go on and on. 

But whatever the case may be, watching a movie or some TV with a couple of buddies is always a cool way to spend your time.

Game night

This may sound cliché, but a game night with friends could be a blast. There is an endless number of games you can play. Life, Clue, Uno, Monopoly, and much more. You could even just play charades, hangman, Pictionary, or any game that could be considered basic or boring. Because at the end of the day, it does not matter what game you play. There can be so many laughs regardless. What really matters is the company you spend your time with. 

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