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Time Spent On Tablets Can Be Educational

by MM

I was sat with my new mum chum at swimming lessons at the weekend, she turned to me and asked how I regulate my daughter’s technology usage – namely time spent on a tablet.

Cue me going deep into thought, generally when I say ‘enough is enough’ she will reluctantly turn her tablet off but is that enough? We both agreed that the children doing household chores to earn time to spend  on their tablets was a great way to regulate usage.

Three Mobile

Three Mobile recently sent us a tablet and stylus to make our lives easier… it was very thoughtful of them and so far, it has made my life a lot easier, being able to organise my life on the tablet and it has certainly kept my daughter occupied… which in turn has made my life easier as I can get on with chores around the house. Actually this ‘time for chores’ ides is quite genius!

My daughter doesn’t just spend her time playing on games, though the majority seem to be via Busy Things – a fun, educational resource that they use at school too. We have found several apps for reading which have been great for improving my daughter’s reading and encouraged more snuggle time on the sofa together.


There are times when I will find my daughter showcasing her creative streak and creating beautiful artwork that she can easily save when finished. Using the chunky, easy to hold and control Crystal Stylus that Three also sent to us, my daughter can doodle away to her heart’s content. The stylus certainly helps with drawing control and has improved my daughter’s doodles. We like the Kids Doodle app which is available on the Play Store – colourful, easy to use and I feel happier her using this app than playing on games each time she uses her tablet.


Doodling on the tablet also means there is less mess in the house and I actually have printer paper when I need it! Surely a win/ win!

What are your favourite apps for your children to use? How do you limit their time spent on technology?

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