Time To Put The Sparkle Back Into Your Relationship

Time To Put The Sparkle Back Into Your Relationship

Take a moment to think back to the time you first met your partner. The first date, the first time you kissed, the moment you realised this was a keeper, and remind yourself of those feelings. Back to the present day, you may not have those same lustful feelings like before, and one thing could have been the biggest change. You became parents. While, of course, this is an amazing journey to be on together, many couples find that their relationship can be affected. So what do you do? Getting the spark back is easier than you think, here are some of the things that you could try. Don’t let being a parent be your excuse for running your relationship into the ground.


First of all, is there a problem?

One of the first things to identify is if there are any underlying issues and problems within your relationship. Are you feeling envious of one another? Do you find that you are not getting on? Are you communicating? Is the love still there? Answering these questions may be hard at first, but you need to identify exactly what you need to work on when it comes to your partnership. Sometimes the only avenue to explore is to speak to Family Solicitors regarding the situation and to explore splitting amicably. However, if your issues can be resolved then knowing exactly what the problem is can help you find the right resolution. Relationships take work, we all know that. Sometimes we can forget what level of work is needed when other priorities make themselves known. You will be thankful for admitting to the problems head-on and feel a new sense of enthusiasm for working through the right solution together.

Is it possible to spend quality time as a couple?

Perhaps the main problem you find with your relationships happens to be the fact that you don’t get much time together. When you are parents, your priorities change, and your focus is on other things. Mix that with other commitments like jobs and a house to run, and there might not be enough hours in the day. Choosing to crash in a heap rather than talk to one another. This is very normal, and you are not the only couple to experience this. The best advice is to make more of an effort with one another. This could be date nights where you specifically make an arrangement to do things. Or choosing a night at home where you make more time for one another such as cooking or having time away from the phone. You may be surprised what this bit of effort can do for your relationship.

Simple things can go a long way

Finally, the simple things can often be the game changers. This could be asking how each others day is, taking care of something without needing to be asked, or sharing the load when it comes to those parental duties. Having a family is not easy, but when you take it on as a team, you can make lighter work of the situation.

Let’s hope that these tips help you to add a bit of sparkle back into your relationship.

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