Tips For Making Home Improvement Easier

Tips For Making Home Improvement Easier

I am currently looking into buying a new sofa for our living room and have only just realised what an important purchase it will be. Not just for the monetary cost, but also that fact that I would love a different coloured sofa to my current piece and it will change the whole feel of the lounge.

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On top of the sofa, it will mean a change of accessories in the room to hopefully find some sort of coordination! I can see it becoming quite costly, especially as a trip to Ikea will be required, but it doesn’t need to be!

Here are some tips on how you can make home improvement changes that do not cost the Earth!

Add a rug

If like me you have laminate flooring, you will know how cold it is to walk on during the Winter months. However adding a rug will not only transform your room, but also keep your feet warm! Wool rugs with a super soft texture are the perfect addition and I am sure my dog would thoroughly enjoy laying on one! Rugs also give you the option to change them more frequently than carpet too!

Change the cushions

Have a complete colour change in your living room space by investing in cushions in a different colour and texture. Such a small change will instantly transform your room and give your sofa a new lease of life. Be as bold as you dare with the colour and make your living room a statement room.

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Invest in new bedding

Tired of the same look in your bedroom? If you do not want to go to the extent of decorating your room, a simple move around of furniture and a new bedding set will refresh the room.  There are some fantastic bedding deals at Groupon that are well worth checking out. There is nothing quite like the feel of freshly washed bedding, especially new bedding and it instantly makes your bedroom feel more homely and aid a good night’s sleep.

Add wall stickers

If you are anything like me, then painting does not come easy and is a huge chore. You can easily transform the look of a room by simply adding adhesive wall stickers in a room to offer a completely different feel and look.

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Light up the room

Changing light fittings and adding in new lamps can offer a new dynamic to a room. I recently added a small lamp behind my TV to soften the harshness of watching TV at night and it has completely changed my room. It’s also less stress on the eyes!

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  1. Mudpie Fridays

    I know what you meant about changing the colour of things. I would like to make some changes in our lounge too. My husband would like to have leather sofas and it would change everything! Thanks for the tips xx

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