Tips For Staying Safe At Festivals

After watching Glastonbury on TV recently, from the comfort of my own lounge, knowing I was going to be crawling up to my own bed to spread eagle… I came to the realisation that I shall never be actually attending the awesome music festival in person.

In all fairness, I quite like my home comforts and the idea of spending hours trying to locate a tent that is identical to another million, all in the same field terrifies me. So for now, I am quite happy to watch the likes of Kanye and Muse on my TV!

That doesn’t mean to say I haven’t attended my fair share of festivals in the past, when it was actually fun to be squashed up against random unknowns!

I wanted to attend Parklife last year to catch London Grammar on stage, in a way, due to all the trouble I am glad I didn’t attend, but it has not put me off for the future… depending on the artists of course!

Being a single mum, it is hard to arrange everything in order to attend an event, I know friends have attended Glastonbury before with their children, however I am not entirely sure how comfortable I would be doing this. Plus, you want to experience everything a festival has to offer (with some exceptions!) and having to turn in at 9pm at night isn’t exactly very festival friendly!

Ramsbottom Festival

As a singleton, it would be cool at attend a festival with friends, it is not something I would ever consider on my own but luckily Pryers have done some research into Festival Safety and come up with some epic tips, which you can read about here.

To be honest, the tips are great and I would take these into consideration whatever night out I am on, even if I never do get to attend a festival.

Hopefully we shall be attending the Ramsbottom Festival as a family in September, much more chilled and relaxed due to the family feel… bring on The Proclaimers who are headlining. Much less controversial than Kanye! Should be a crowd pleaser! 😉

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