Tips For Updating Your Home

Tips For Updating Your Home

2020 has seen a rise in reality programmes and we have all lapped them up! They have been the perfect escapism treats to get us through the craziest of times and in some cases, the reality shows have proved inspiring!

Selling Sunset not only provided cringeworthy office politics that you just couldn’t stop watching, but also a glimpse into the homes of the uber rich. Spacious, palacial abodes that were minimalistic, fresh and offered inspiration for anyone looking to update their home. Whilst a $70 million mansion maybe outside most of our budgets, some of the design aspects can still be achieved!

Tips For Updating Your Home

White Painted Walls

Paint your walls

Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint is the quickest and possibly cheapest way to give the rooms in your home a fresher look. Whether you choose a totally new colour scheme or simply want to freshen the current colour, not only do newly painted walls give an instant ‘new room’ feel, but you feel better too! Following inspiration from 2020’s top reality shows, white walls are great for making rooms appear larger!

Revamp your bathroom

A hotel bathroom is the ultimate look for a classy bathroom with plenty of space, storage, light and all your amenities. Re-tiling a bathroom with different coloured tiles enables you to achieve a whole new look and the upheaval is totally worth it.
If you are looking for a complete overhaul then that takes some serious research for appliances! Leak free shower cabins ensure your new flooring stays looking new whilst free standing baths give you that true hotel bathroom feel. Looking for a cheaper alternative to achieve a new look? Check out the power of stick on tiles!

Add a rug to spruce up your living space

Add a rug

Adding a rug in your living space is a much easier and cheaper alternative to installing a new carpet. The look and feel of a room can instantly be uplifted with a rug. Whether you opt for a bold colour to add a statement piece to your room or choose neutral hues to compliment the current colour scheme and style, a rug can instantly add warmth to a room… and for your feet to walk on!

Whilst these tips cannot guarantee sunshine and a champagne lifestyle, they do help towards achieving a new look for your home!

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