Top Items To Stockpile This Christmas

Christmas can cause headaches in many a fashion, more so on the day than in the run up to the big day. The fact that retail outlets are closed for just one day seems to confuse people and panic buying can ensue, leaving lots of empty shelves for late shoppers… so what should you actually be stocking up on in advance to survive Christmas?


We all know this, however stocking up on items such as bread in advance means that if all else fails you can actually have sandwiches over Christmas at the very least. Bread can be frozen, so it doesn’t need to be bulk bought in apocalypse fashion!

Paracetamol and Ibruprofen

The absolute staple of any medicine cabinet, making Christmas hangovers slightly more bearable!

Items to have to hand this Christmas


With the change in weather and lots of nasty bugs circulating at this time of year, it is handy to prepare with medicines such as Calpol. After having a previous Christmas Day scare of the Chicken Pox and not knowing which shops were open, I certainly prepare for any eventuality where Mini Me is concerned.


You can never have enough chairs! Avoid last minute surprises when unexpected guests arrive to celebrate the festive season with you by having extra seating readily available. Whether an extra chair or even a beanbag, ensuring everyone is comfortable makes for an easier visit!

Wrapping Paper

You think you have enough wrapping paper? Most likely you will find out you don’t when wrapping the last present or you find you need to wrap an emergency present quickly! Shops are now starting to discount Christmas goods and decorations so now is definitely the time to stock up on wrapping paper, which can always be put away for next Christmas too!

Items to have to hand this Christmas


The main item to stockpile this Christmas to ensure new toys and even decorations remain working smoothly on the day.

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