Top Tops For Preparing A Baby’s Nursery

Top Tops For Preparing A Baby’s Nursery

Congratulations! You have found out you are expecting a bundle of joy. I can imagine that your emotions are really mixed right now. On the one hand feeling elated at the chance of becoming a parent and adding to your family, on the other side perhaps you feel a little overwhelmed about what to expect. Maybe you have downloaded the baby apps, and you are tracking your pregnancy. But often the bigger tasks can feel like the hardest, such as decorating the baby’s nursery. What do you really need? I wanted to share with you some of the top tips to help you prepare the nursery.

The colour scheme

Often the colour scheme can really depend on whether you intend to find out if you are having a little girl or a little boy. Some people choose to keep thing quite neutral anyway, even if they do find out. A colour scheme can often be a personal choice but the best advice isn’t to create a nursery that is too babyfied. This means that as you baby gets older you can adapt the room easily, avoiding any bigger decorating costs in the future. Use accessories and things to add a them to your room and leave the colour scheme colours that you can work with for the future.

The baby essentials you really need

We can all get a little carried away with the things we think we need for a baby’s nursery but the truth is there are only a handful of essentials. Your baby needs a place to rest which means a cot, but while they are younger you may also want to include something smaller and browse cheap moses baskets. These are portable so work well in your bedroom, a living room and the baby’s nursery. Other things to consider would be a place to change your baby and store their essentials like nappies and changing products. A place to store clothing, a wardrobe or even just a set of drawers is suffice. Then the other added features like a nursing chair for in the night feeds, or storage for toys and sensory items.

Don’t get too carried away on the clothing

Clothing can be the one area we really indulge on when we find out we are having a baby, especially if we then reveal the gender. However, the best advice would be to not go too over the top in those first few months. The chances are they will live in rompers and sleep suits during those first few weeks and months, and they grow at a rapid rate. Consider buying for those older months.

Set yourself a budget

Finally, try and be mindful of the finances throughout, a baby will always need something so make sure you budget wisely for a nursery and the clothing side of things. It can be a easy to get carried away, so a budget could come in handy to ensure you stay on track and spend in other areas such as a pushchair or travel system, a car seat and feeding materials. Maybe bottles or breast pumps, for example.

I hope these tips help you prepare for your baby’s nursery.

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