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Travelling? Three Things to Consider First

by MM

We are enjoying that most unusual of circumstances – a lengthy hot spell in the UK that is not (so far, touch wood!) being marred by thunderstorms or long rainy days. While the heatwave lasts, many people are hastily planning last minute domestic holidays to take advantage of the beautiful weather. One of the benefits of these local holidays is that you can avoid air travel and car hire, being able to use your own personal vehicle to travel to and from your holiday destination as well as all around the surrounding areas to explore whichever beauty spot or resort that you decide to visit. However, before you load the family into the car and drive off merrily, there are some vital checks that you must make.


Check Your Tyres

In exceptionally hot weather – such as that that the whole country has been enjoying for the past few weeks – tyres can react badly: the rubber can soften and begin to melt, small weakness and flaws can become enlarged, and the pressure in the tyre can increase. While most tyres can handle being slightly overinflated, if there is a patch or weak point, the risk of a blowout increases. And a blowout on the motorway is always serious and can be injurious and even fatal in the wrong conditions. Better to be safe than sorry – makes sure your tyres are in tip top shape and double-check the pressure before you travel.

Top Up Cooling Systems

We all know that dogs should not be left inside locked cars, but extreme heat can build up in cars that are occupied and being driven too. Many people do not like to drive with the windows open as the breeze can bring dirt into the car, hair is tousled and messed up, and the wind can have an odd effect on the ears of the people inside the vehicle. But something must be done to keep the interior of the car at a comfortable range – and this is not a case of pampering oneself: the elderly and the very young can be vulnerable to heatstroke and dehydration if exposed to heat and humidity for a long time, such as during a lengthy drive. Therefore, the best solution to stay cool as you travel is to make sure that your air conditioning system is working properly. You can make sure that you escape this heatwave by servicing your air conditioning system with a reliable garage like Ossett Tyre House.


Get a Service

Any time that you are going to push your vehicle to unaccustomed levels, make sure that it is in good condition first. Oil and air filters should be renewed, the oil should be clean and fresh, and you can even get the car valeted to make sure that there are no food pieces that might begin to smell on a long hot journey! Not only will having a freshly serviced car give you peace of mind, but you can relax knowing that no undetected wear and tear is waiting to suddenly worsen and cause driving issues when you are miles from home and just wanting to relax.

Three vital points to consider before you travel – they may be a nuisance, and time-consuming, but better to get them out of the way rather than wish you had when you suffer a breakdown in the middle of your precious holiday-time.

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