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A Trip To Minikin Emporium Thanks To GUMI.com

by MM

On a ridiculously hot Sunday in Manchester, a couple of weeks ago, Mini Me and I found ourselves enjoying the wonderful delights of the Minikin Emporium in Sale. A fantastic treasure trove of all things lovely – the coolest birthday cards, prettiest of wrapping paper, yummiest of sweets and more importantly you, yourself can create stunning keepsakes in the form of pottery.

That’s right, rock up at Minikin Emporium and paint your own cups, plates, teapots… the list is endless. A rather interesting fact to remember for the future when I require an epic gift idea!


We weren’t alone though, other North based bloggers had been invited along too as part of a GrowingUpMilkInfo.com event… raising awareness about nutrition for children. The site is a great resource, offering advice and tips on toddler development and tips on how to feed a fussy eater. There is even a Toddler Meal Planner, for those slightly more organised than myself!

I have never had a problem with Mini Me stocking up on fruit and vegetables – she has always been more than happy to choose these over sweets and will nowadays help herself to food from the fruit bowl. This has made my life a lot easier as it means that what I eat, Mini Me will eat.

As we are going to be enjoying a German meatball and crispy bacon salad for dinner (don’t ask!) there will be a lot of salad to choose from, which I know we will both tuck into… hopefully sat outside so we can enjoy the sunshine!

The day was absolutely lovely, it was great to catch up with other bloggers, new and old and learn more about GUMI. The finished, glazed cup will be with us soon, so expect updated pictures imminently!

Thank you to the lovely folks of GUMI for inviting us to this lovely event! 

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Bury Family Life June 23, 2014 - 3:29 pm

Aww it looks like you had a lovely time. What a lovely idea for presents for family too!


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