Our Visit To See Santa On The Big Red Bus Tour At Elk Mill

Our Visit To See Santa On The Big Red Bus Tour At Elk Mill

You may well have seen my posts regarding Santa and his Big Red Bus being stationed at Elk Mill in Oldham over the weekend, I hope you managed to pop down and meet him!


Mini Me and I headed on down there to enjoy the festive activities and meet the big man himself.

The queue to board was quite substantial when we arrived, around 11am, however the wait was definitely worth it! a red carpet lined the way, with elves keeping us entertained whilst we waited in the bitter North West weather.


The Big Red Bus is an old, converted London bus which runs at 40mph, but can also run on vegetable oil meaning it travels even slower, this really did fascinate Mini Me, though I felt sorry for the driver.

The lower deck featured tables for families to sit at and create a Postcard to Santa masterpiece with stickers, stamps and glitter… lots of glitter!


Once we had created our Christmas postcards, we stationed ourselves ready to go upstairs and meet Santa. It’s hard not to be mesmerised by the top deck, it truly was gorgeous and lined with Christmas tress and decorations.


Santa and his trusty elf were sat at the front of the deck, ready to hear what we wanted for Christmas. Mini Me simply asked for money and food, she clearly as her priorities right. I on the other hand asked for Tom Hardy as I do each year… and I’m still waiting! I was promised by Santa that he would try his best though!


Santa was a lovely, jolly fellow and children really did engage so well with him! The whole experience is magical and the fact it is totally free makes it even better!

The weekend in Oldham may be over, however you can catch Santa on is Big Red Bus tour at British Land sites including the Wheatley shopping park in Doncaster this weekend.  There is a food truck with the bus if you find yourself getting hungry or thirsty whilst queuing! Definitely jump aboard the Big Red Bus if you can, you will not be disappointed!

I couldn’t resist a Christmas selfie!

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