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Welcome Spring In Style With Fresh New Home Furnishings

by MM
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If you think your home décor’s a little dull and you want to welcome spring in style with some brand new furnishings, take a look at these top design tips. They should help you to pep up your property in no time, and the best thing is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy impressive results.

Refresh your colour scheme

The easiest way to transform the look of your home is to change your colour scheme. A fresh lick of paint on your walls can give your rooms an instant facelift and, for the full effect, be sure to select a variety of stylish soft furnishings to complement your new hues.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colours and patterns. There’s plenty of design inspiration available online, and soft furnishing specialists like Julian Charles make the decision making process easy by offering furnishings in complementary hues and patterns. For example, if you decide to liven up your lounge with some stylish new curtains, you’ll be able to find cushions in the same fabric to complete the look. For the best results, echo your new colours in design details including your rugs, throws, artwork and ornaments too.

Bring the outside in

With flowerbeds and hedgerows bursting into life, there’s no better way to celebrate spring than by bringing a little of the outside in. For added vibrancy, introduce extra plants to your rooms, taking care to choose greenery that’s suited to the conditions in your home. English ivy is a great example. It can be used as either a hanging plant or a floor plant and it flourishes in medium sunlight and moderate temperatures. Rubber plants can make a cute addition to homes too. Easy to grow, they thrive even in dimly lit environments. Another good option is the peace lily. As long as they are kept moist and out of direct sunlight, these beautiful plants – complete with their characteristic white spathes – will do well in most homes.

Spring Clean

Clear the clutter with new storage solutions

This is the perfect time of year for a thorough decluttering, and to help ensure your spring clean goes to plan, you might benefit from investing in some new storage solutions. Storage solutions can be used as feature pieces to enhance the look and feel of the room. Indian furniture is a great choice for adding something different, yet still providing the storage required. Full-height cabinets, under-stair shelving and storage ottomans can all help to increase the amount of usable space available in your home without causing your rooms to look overcrowded.

By following simple but effective design suggestions like these, you should succeed in transforming your property this spring

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle May 18, 2015 - 11:09 am

We need to declutter, and we have white curtains in the lounge, I love the idea of brightening and ‘cleaning’ my bedroom like that too 🙂


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