What Happens When You Ask A Child To Design A Treehouse

What Happens When You Ask A Child To Design A Treehouse

Ask any adult to design their own treehouse and it will no doubt resemble a comfy, peaceful space to escape into. Ask a child however and the creative juices really do flow to help design a masterpiece!

I posed this question to Liv recently and set her on a task to design a treehouse, simply using plain paper and a tube of colouring pencils.design

A comfy space with couches, books and lots of soft toys was always going to be a natural choice for her, however the colour scheme? This is where she really let loose and pretty much used every coloured pencil she could lay her hands on!

Liv's colourful treehouse design

With a rope tyre swing, a swirling tube slide, viewing gallery and easy access ladder, she literally had all bases covered! My dream treehouse as a child would have taken inspiration from The Swiss Family Robinson, although maybe without the tropical island sadly. A space that was possibly a little less psychedelic, but nonetheless, equally as chilled!

It’s great to enjoy some creative time, especially designing such a fun structure… but what if the design could be enhanced, namely in 3D? Well, that’s exactly what the lovely people at Armstrong Supplies did with Liv’s design!

design a treehouse

Can you imagine having this treehouse in your garden?

It is amazing what technology can do these days and seeing Liv’s design in 3D almost brings it all to life, even down to the triangular windows! I can expect it would not remain that tidy for long though! Looking at the images actually  makes me glad I did not let Liv loose on painting her bedroom earlier in the year, choosing to take on that task myself fortunately!

Whilst I am not too terrible when it comes to DIY, I still do need pointers in the right direction. Creating a treehouse may possibly be out of my remit! However, whether you are looking to design and build your own treehouse, or even take on a different DIY project, check out the Armstrong website for a range of handy ‘How To’ guides for research!

If you could design your own treehouse, what would it look like? Would it be as colourful as Liv’s?


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