What I Learned From My Mother

When it comes to fashion, I have certainly never been a follower. Happiest in my comfy jeans, I am the thorn in my mother’s side when it comes to taking me out anywhere – though these days, my wardrobe has a nice mix of sports gear due to my fitness kick and constant workouts.

In her eyes, she would be happiest if I dressed like her… she forgets, there is a 25 year age gap between us and considering what she chose for me to wear when I was younger. Totally the 80’s fashion but still… being a child in the 80’s nowadays makes for some rather embarrassing pictures!

Sly in the 80s

I chose not to take fashion advice from my mother.

My sister did have a huge impact on me when I was younger, simply for the fact I realised I never wanted a face full of make-up and preferred the natural look. As a youngster I always recall my sister having an orange face due to all the foundation and make-up she wore – it was the fashion in those days, though still, I had decided I wouldn’t follow that fashion at all and as a result my skin is treating me kindly in my thirties!

I chose not to take makeup advice from my sister.

One thing I did inherit from my sister and mother that I am proud of is their sheer determination… and stubbornness. A very formidable combination and they are both very strong, feisty, independent women. As a single mum, this mindset has really helped me to overcome many obstacles and carry on fighting. It does mean I am quite a confident person and anyone who meets me will definitely see me as an entertainer.

Clearly I chose to inherit a strong female personality!

And just because sometimes it is easier to rise above it all and appease my mother (words of wisdom from my sister!)- this absolutely stunning Black Brush Stripe Midi Skater Dress from New Look may have just made itself into my wardrobe collection recently… because even I need to get the milk bottle white legs out sometimes! 😉

Black Dress New Look

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