What Is The Number One Must Have Toy This Christmas?

Christmas is 10 weeks away and the pressure is starting to mount ever so slightly on all levels.

What on earth do I buy for people? This year I am so disorganised, very much unlike me, normally I have all  my gifts arranged by September!

Do you know what the number one toy for children is this year? No, nor do I! Which is slightly worrying considering we should all know this by now as the number one ‘must have’ toy is always so glaringly obvious. Maybe I have been living in a bubble and have missed all the information I should actually know, but you can bet I shall be putting some research into it!

Shopkins seem to be a big hit in our house at the moment. My almost 7 year old daughter and her friends are huge fans so at least I know what to buy as stocking fillers this year!

Books are another gift to give, especially as my daughter is now speeding through books even quicker than I can read! I have always found The Works offer great deals on books for Christmas gifts, alongside other goodies in their Christmas shop! However, her room is already starting to resemble a library, so we may need to organise her current books first!


My daughter has asked for the latest Chelsea FC kit on her Christmas WishList, of which I am immensely proud! She really does know which side her bread is buttered on and I am sure that is one request that Father Christmas can manage!

Internet shopping will be my saviour this year, as not having to deal with bustling Christmas crowds will make the whole shopping process much easier and less likely to result in a headache. With the Christmas Fair at school an event to look forward to this year – there will be real reindeer on the day and I may try and smuggle one home with me – I have always found the fair a great place to buy unique gifts… and win a bottle of wine or two!

Whilst preparing for Christmas, I have also decided to decorate my living room (finally!), never mind the number one toy this Christmas, the number one item on my Christmas list is a holiday… I wonder if Father Christmas will oblige?!

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