What Is Your Relationship With Your Desk?

Albeit I work from home, I do not actually have my own ‘home office’, which would be practical and have me hidden away from all distractions. Instead I tend to find that my laptop is used as just that, with my feet up, listening to music whilst I type away – either that or I am with a friend, who is a fellow writer… chilling on her couch, using my laptop as it is meant to be used.

The thought of actually using a desk and sitting in a swizzle chair is simply just a pipe dream these days. My desk would start off tidy, with everything in its place – all the best intentions! Within an hour there would be bits all over and it would be a clutttered mess. Unfortunately, nothing in my house is tidy for too long due to my Mini Me who likes to go exploring.

Does a tidy desk equate to a creative, productive mind though? Furniture at Work sent through this rather interesting infographic detailing why your office desk should be given more credit than it possibly is!

Are you guilty of having an untidy desk or is your workspace clutter free in order to give creativity the room to shine?

(Click to enlarge)


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