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When Your Garden Isn’t Getting The Use It Deserves

by MM

When restrictions on our time outside first came into play back in March, the sun was very much shining, and gardens became like gold dust. Those living in flats desperately wanted them, and those of us lucky enough to enjoy that outside space couldn’t get enough.

Your Garden Isn’t Getting The Use It Deserves, And The Solution Is Simple

Now, though, with further lockdowns and winter very much underway, we’re all guilty of not taking the chance to get outside when we should. Namely, our gardens have fallen back into disuse as we settle for the sofa instead and promise ourselves we’ll get back out there tomorrow. Only tomorrow never comes. If your garden isn’t getting the use it deserves, check out the tips below to get the most out of your green space.

The trouble is that for families especially, getting outside is still fundamental for mental and physical health. Going for walks in your local area is, of course, another option, but the safest way to get your kids out right now is to let them play in a private garden. 

Admittedly, your lack of focus here is understandable. You’ve got a lot going on and, honestly, who cares about the garden once the cold weather sets in? This year, though, making sure your outside space gets the use it deserves could help with everything from your exercise to your home school. 

With that in mind, it’s past time you stopped doing your garden a disservice and instead increased your usage by taking care of the following. 

Improving access

While going through your garage/side gate might be worthwhile when the sun shines, it makes it all too easy not to go out during rainy weather. To tackle this, consider improving garden access sooner rather than later. Could you invest in a back door replacement that sees you with french doors leading right outside? Or, why not invest in a living room patio door that you can open right up whenever the mood takes? Either way – the easier it is to get outside, the more chance you’ll do it!

Providing an incentive

Your Garden Isn't Getting The Use It Deserves

At this time of year, everyone needs an incentive to brave the cold. Sadly, a blank lawn isn’t it! Rather, you want to consider reasons to get out and play, including fun lawn games or a treehouse for the whole family. You could even stick with something simple, like a football goal or a basketball hoop. That way, there’s a fun reason to get out far more often. 

Keeping it interesting

For the sake of your home school, it’s also worth adding as much interest to your garden as possible. Forget blank expanses of turf, and instead think about winter-specific plants that you could incorporate, or even (child-safe) ways to build a pond that keeps you all outside for longer. Even once summer rolls around and the virus is a bad memory, these additions can keep your kids engaged from one season to the next. 

So, you see – making use of your garden needn’t be difficult. And, you can bet that you’ll all feel a whole lot better once you start spending at least a little time out of the house each day! I hope these tips have helped if your garden isn’t getting the use it deserves!

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