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Where To Go For The Perfect Night Out In Manchester

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Are you looking for the perfect night out in Manchester? We have you covered! From fine dining to dancing and everything in between, we’ve outlined the best way to enjoy this city for the very first time or just as a night away from the kids.

Before we dive into the ins and outs of this great town, you have to make sure you are ready for the night out. Let’s go over a quick checklist to ensure you’re ready.

  • Hire a babysitter – If you have kids (and chances are you do if you’re reading this blog) make sure the kids are tucked away safely with their nanny or gran so you can enjoy the night out.
  • Grab some dancing shoes – This is more of a metaphor meaning, look your best and be ready to have some fun! Get some fresh makeup from Sephora (they have excellent coupons at the moment), a new dress (or one that you haven’t worn in a while), and grab your dancing shoes (or anything you can walk, talk, and dance in!) and get ready!
  • Plan ahead – Luckily, we are doing that for you, but make sure you give yourself ample time to really enjoy yourself.

Okay, now that we have the prep work done, let’s plan your night out, shall we?

George's Worsley Review Manchester

All good nights start with an amazing dinner. It sets the mood for the rest of the night and since Manchester is in no way short of amazing places to eat, you’re in for a treat. You can check out any of our listings on our website, but here are our top five places to eat:

  • Muse
  • Evelyn’s Cafe
  • George’s Restaurant and Bar
  • Provenance Food Hall
  • Scene Indian Restaurant

Next, you will want to have some after dinner drinks. Luckily, all of the places listed above have full bars, but you can also grab a drink or two at some of our favorite pubs. The Old Wellington, The Ape and Apple, and Peveril of the Peak are some of our top places to grab a pint or fancy cocktail.

Lastly, what’s a night out without some dancing and music? The Liars Club is known for its eclectic scene and fun atmosphere. Dance the night away and enjoy exquisite cocktails from around the world. The Hulu Tiki Lounge is great if you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. This place comes equipped with chill beach music and an extensive rum collection.

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