Will A Sat Nav Help My Dating Life?

There is no denying that I am totally and utterly lost at this moment in time…

My online dating journey is taking me on expeditions even I had never expected but is at least providing me with some fantastic juice laden gossip and amazing blog fodder. It appears my quest to find a tall (over 6ft preferably), brooding (but not to the point of sulkiness) and intelligent (not necessarily on my wavelength but can hold a decent conversation) is falling at pretty much the first hurdle every time. If I was on the lookout for a bald, 5ft 7inch, roofer or floor fitter I would be sorted by now. In fact, I could have had a whole new extension added to my house by now.

Though due to my stubbornness and ridiculously (read clearly very unachievable) high standards, I find myself back at square one quite a lot. I have come to realise though that this is through no fault of my own… in fact most men have very deep rooted issues that only tend to come to light when you are sat opposite them, sipping on an alcoholic beverage in a very nice bar. By this time, you have already invested time, effort and interest into the person and you cannot help but feel slightly deflated when it transpires they have even more skeletons in the closet than yourself.

The journey has recently been helped ever so slightly with the aid of the Garmin Nuvi 50 satellite navigation system for my car very kindly sent to me by Tesco Compare. Clearly they thought I needed a helping hand, especially when attempting to navigate my way to the places I am meeting the aforementioned men. Using the sat nav is really easy; the suction cup allows the Garmin to stick to your windscreen so the directions are right in front of you. The lane assist is a very good feature, directing you to the preferred lane – which when you are on a confusing motorway with slip roads coming off in all directions is a bonus! I so far have not got lost using the Garmin and with a ‘Points of Interest’ section I will definitely be utilising that over the summer!


When a date is stood on your own doorstep it is handy… but me being the stubborn, independent lady I am also likes to meet elsewhere. You get to learn more about the surrounding areas, plus you are less likely to bump into someone you know… who could potentially embarrass you when you are trying to make a very good, lasting first impression.
Some of the messages I have received have been epic, yet I think the most memorable is one I received today… even I think the Garmin Nuvi 50 would struggle to help me find my way to Sweden for this first date!

Thank you to Tesco for sending me a fantastic Sat Nav which will help in our camping adventures!!

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