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Women’s Jeans for the Office

by MM

Not everyone gets the option to wear jeans to work, but if you do, you might consider a few things. If you’re a lawyer or a banker, you might be stuck wearing trousers even on Fridays! However, if you work in a casual environment, you could try out a few things to accentuate your favourite pair of women’s jeans.


Jeans are naturally simple so you can treat them like a blank canvas. You could pair your favourite pair of denim with a neutral coloured top that will have you looking dressed up no matter what accessories you choose to wear.

Button Down

Look for a stylish button-down shirt that you can pair perfectly with your jeans. Tuck a lightly-toned top into your skinny jeans to get a streamlined appearance.  For next level chic, add some fun boots and bold glasses.

Go Silk

To accentuate your fancy jeans throw on a silk blouse with intricate necklines or pretty patterns. If you work in an environment that’s a little more formal, forego the distressed look and wear your best pair of dark-wash jeans.

Women’s Jeans for the Office

Shimmer with Sequins

An instant update for your outfit comes in the form of some shimmer. If you think your office can handle it, try a bold sequined top or blazer.

Leather Makes it Better

Adding a cropped leather jacket can give your jeans a luxurious look. Just make sure you bypass the heavy biker jacket and stick with the cropped style. It’s simple and structured and gives you the opportunity to add some fun accessories like a bag or purse.

Find a Blazer

Upgrade those jeans with a sleek-looking blazer. Go classic with navy blue or stand out with a bright colour. If you want to get creative, think of it as a suit combo and match your dark colours with darks and your lights with lights.

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